Upcoming Races and Events of Interest:  

Summer Breeze Half Marathon 5K & 10K – Saturday, August 6, San Leandro. The races start at 8:00 AM fo r the half, 8:15 for the 10K and 8:30 for the 5K. They start at: Marina Park, Marina Bay Drive. Register at: https://www.active.com

FroYo Run 5K & 10K – Saturday, August 13, San Jose. The races start at 7:45 AM at: Arena Green East, North Autumn Street. Bowl of frozen yogurt at the finish. Registration not yet available.

San Jose Double Running Festival - 5K, 15K & Half Marathon – Saturday, August 20, San Jose. Each race has a dounble run starting with a longer leg, a break and then a shorter leg to make up the total distance shown. The races start at 6:30 AM and later, with the longer distances starting earlier and the shorter ones later at: IDT Campus, 6024 Silver Creek Valley Road. Register at: www.active.com

Run by the Sea 2016 4k and 12K - Suday, August 28, Santa Cruz. Races start at 8:30 AM at: Wilder Ranch North, 1401 Coast Road. Register at: https://www.active.com


June 4, 2016: San Mateo County Pride.

June 5, 2016: Santa Cruz Pride.

June 25-26, 2016: San Francisco Pride Weekend

August 27-28 2016: Silicon Valley Pride