The BayLands TIDES is the official club publication. A subscription to the TIDES is part of the yearly club membership dues. This newsletter is formatted as a 14-page "mini-magazine" and includes a calendar of events as well as stories and photos of current activities.

The TIDES is published monthly and distributed to (and restricted to) current club members. A courtesy copy is also exchanged with many other FrontRunner clubs around the world. Total distribution averages more than 250 copies per month.

Newsletter content focuses on local club news and is non-political in nature. To submit articles or photos for publication, or to contact the editor:
BayLands FrontRunners
PO Box 51456
Palo Alto, CA 94303
Commercial advertising space in the TIDES is available for purchase. For further information, or to schedule ads, contact TIDES Editor.

Current Rates:

Nominal Size
Setup Fee*
Flyer (2 sides) 7"w x 8½"h $55 $5
Full Page 6¼"w x 7¼"h $40 $5
Half Page 6¼"w x 3½"h $25 $5
One Column 3"w x 7¼"h $25 $5
Half Column 3"w x 3½"h $20 $5
Business Card 3"w x 1¾"h $15 $5

* Setup waived for a three-month commitment.